Stitching around applique circles

May 07, 2019

Stitching around applique circles

After being asked the question regarding how I sew around applique circles, I gave this some thought. It happened that I was working on some applique with circles in it and gave the video on my new phone a try. Wow! it worked fabulously. I had so much fun making the video I now have many more planned. 

The reaction to the video on my Instagram page has spurred me on to make many more. I though it would also be great to share it with you all here. Then I had to figure out how to get the video onto my desktop. Oh don't you just love technology !

I hope you all enjoy my little video, take a look and leave me a comment. Your comments always keep me inspired. 

Sewing around applique circles. 

I use long flower head pins to keep my applique shapes in place and sometime a bit of water soluble fabric glue. Using the pins allows me to easily move the shapes if needed, and no need to wash out the glue.

Lift your foot often, as you turn the background fabric so you don't stretch it.

I can move my needle position to the right and use the inside of the foot as a guide.

Go slow using a narrow zigzag stitch making sure you place the needle right beside the applique circle into the background fabric then the next stitch catches the very edge of the circle.

The stitch settings vary with each machine so play on a scrap piece first to get your settings and tension right. If using mono-filament thread lower your tension a bit to allow for the stretching of the thread. Have fun ! 

My top thread is Superior monopoly and my bobbin is Superior The bottom line thread.

Start and end stitching with a three or four very close straight stitches. Then you can just snip the threads or use your thread cutter.

I hope you enjoyed this fun little video, have fun and give it a try.

Happy Stitching


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