Cutting bias strips for making bias binding and applique stems

My method for cutting my binding and bias strips for applique is this method. This method is just something that happened by default when I was cutting one day and I find it really great. (Don't you just love it when you stumble across something that works for you?)  This also works very well for making bias binding for your quilt top.

Firstly I measure approximately the length of the bias strip I need. Because bias binding is cut on a 45 degree angle this measurement is the length of the 45 degree angle needed.

Fabric Ten inches wide will give me a 45 degree bias strip of approx 14 inches in length and fabric cut 20 inches wide will give me a 45 degree bias strip of approx 28 inches in length. I find I use either width depending on what I am making. A bias strip that's a little longer then I need is always better.

So...... I have found that cutting my fabric width ten (or twenty inches) x the length of the fabric ( 40 - 42 inches selvedge to selvedge) I can then cut my bias strips at my preferred width ( 2.5 for quilt binding or 1/2 inch for applique stems etc ) This means all my strips end up the same length.

You might like to try this way of cutting your bias binding for your next quilt. I would love to hear how you cut your bias binding ?

Cutting Binding Strips/Pine Valley Quilts

Using 45 degree angle on your ruler make your first cut.

Cutting Bias Binding/Pine Valley Quilts

Discard smaller cut piece.

Cutting Bias Binding/Pine Valley Quilts

Continue cutting all the binding strips, making sure you keep the edge straight.

Cutting Bias Binding/Pine Valley Quilts

All strips will be the same length. You will get 9 strips from a 10 inch x length of fabric, cut at 2.5 inches wide.

Cutting Bias Binding/Pine Valley Quilts

If you need longer strips you can cut from a 20 inch x length of fabric piece. You may need two rulers like in the picture above.

Happy Stitching