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Wash Away Stabilizer / Glue Stick

Wash Away Stabilizer / Glue Stick

Using Wash Away Stabilizer / Glue Stick allows you to leave the stabilizer in the quilt. The Wash Away Stabilizer washes out to a thin soft film. The Wash Away stabilizer gives a nice firm edge to stitch against, you can stitch by hand or machine. The glue stick helps turn the seam allowance edges over, you can use a wash away glue stick or the Sew Line glue pen. Remember to clip inner curves. Clip 2-3 threads away from wash away stabilizer template. 

Wash Away Stabilizer Applique Technique/Pine Valley Quilts  Washaway Stabilizer Applique Technique  Washaway Stabilizer Applique Technique/Pine Valley Quilts    Washaway Stabilizer Applique Technique/Pine Valley Quilts

Iron washaway stabilizer on to the wrong side of fabric and trim with approx 1/8 seam allowance.

Leave gap for seam allowance when making multiple pieces.

Use glue stick and awl to turn seam allowances.