Vintage Crosses Quilt Sew Along ! Week One

April 01, 2020 2 Comments

Vintage Crosses Sew Along | Week One

Sometimes you make a quilt that is really special and Vintage Crosses is that quilt for me. When I designed and made this quilt I knew that designing quilt patterns was what I really wanted to continue doing. I loved every minute of working on this quilt, the idea started with a picture in my mind and once I got the first few blocks made, it just grew from there. I know you are going to enjoy making this quilt too, and I would love for you to join me.

Vintage Crosses Sew Along | Sharon Keightley Quilts

Choosing Fabrics

I chose civil war fabrics for my quilt, but you can choose whatever you love.

Background fabrics:

When I made this quilt I choose a selection of twelve background fabrics, using four different background fabrics in each of the cross blocks. For the applique blocks, I used one background fabric for the smaller blocks and another background fabric for the centre applique block, but you can choose to use only one its really up to you.

Cross Block Fabrics:

For the center square, I used one dark brown print fabric for all the cross blocks.  For the cross blocks, I used a selection of twelve medium / dark prints, each one a different colour. You can see the variety of fabrics I have used in the pictures below.

Vintage Crosses Quilt | Sharon Keightley quilts 

Vintage Crosses Quilt | Sharon Keightley Quilts


Applique Fabrics:

When choosing the applique fabrics, for the flowers I used dark burgundy reds, a mixture of purple\mauve fabrics, a mix of blues, Yellow for the flower centers, and a mix of greens for the leaves. In my quilt, I also have the odd brown print flower, you can really add whatever suits you. Although I think the fabrics you use in the applique set the tone for the whole quilt.

This block shows some of the applique fabrics and colours I have used.

Vintage Crosses Quilt | Sharon Keightley Quilts

 The one thing I try to remember when choosing colours is:

If you choose fabrics that are within the same tone, anything usually will work together. Meaning if you use civil war fabrics they have a darker look to them as opposed to brighter, sharper colored fabrics that are more modern. BUT there are always exceptions to rules, and this is NOT a rule, just something I consider when choosing fabrics. Go with your instinct, and use what you love. The more you play with your fabrics the easier choosing combinations will be. Lay them out and look at what looks good together. Put and few lights into the mix, to add a bit of interest. I love to use a large range of fabrics, and instead of using one of each colorway, I use several of each color. ie: three browns, three blues etc all varying degrees of tone. I like to create a controlled scrappy look.


Vintage Crosses Quilt Pattern available here

It's time to gather your supplies, firstly we will be starting with piecing the cross blocks, so look deep into your fabric stash. Find all the fabrics you really love and get ready to create this lovely quilt.

You will need a good ruler and rotary cutter with a new blade and cutting mat. A new needle in your machine, and give your machine a good clean and a bit of oil if it requires it.

Thread for piecing, I use a fine thread. Either a 50 weight cotton or a 60 weight polyester. I use a 60/8 Schmetz sharp needle, but a 70/10 is ok too.

I will chat next week about all that I use and why.  1/4 inch seams and lots more.....

I am so looking forward to sharing with you all....

Happy Stitching 


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Keep well and Happy Stitching


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2 Responses

Sherry Gary
Sherry Gary

April 09, 2020

I’ve had the Vintage Crosses pattern for several years. This blog has given me the impetus to actually start it. I’ve never have been successful at machine applique so, hand applique is what I’ll be doing. Can’t wait to start!

Susie coates
Susie coates

April 09, 2020

I LOVE applique a new use almost all civil war type material

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