Layering Flowers Tutorial | Invisible Machine Applique

Tutorial Invisible Machine Applique | Sharon Keightley Quilts

While sewing the flowers on the border of the Feathered Star Quilt, I thought it would be great to share my method

Here are the steps I used to complete the flower and stitch it in place.

For each flower shape, use freezer paper templates and iron the edges over the freezer paper. You can find more detailed instructions about this in my e-book Applique! Creating and Stitching here

There are two types of flowers in the border, I will start the Tutorials with the Pink and Red Daisy flowers. The first layer are the pink petals. I traced the pattern of the flower onto tracing paper. You can use anything that you can see through. Placing the tracing paper pattern over the background fabric, I placed the first layer of pink petals. Then stitched them in place with an invisible zig zag stitch, using monofilament thread.  This is also covered in more detail in my e-book, Applique! Creating and Stitching.                                                                  

Tutorial Invisible Machine Applique | Sharon Keightley Quilts

Then I pulled the freezer paper template out from inside the petals. I find tweezers are great for pulling them out. Then I placed the traced pattern on top again and used it as a guide to add the second layer underneath, which is the red petals. 

Tutorial Invisible Machine Applique | Sharon Keightley Quilts

Stitching them in place in the same manner, and taking out the freezer paper templates as before.

Tutorial Invisible Machine Applique | Sharon Keightley Quilts

 Then the third layer, which is the brown fabric inner part of the flower. Use the traced pattern and stitch in place. You can either sew most of the way around the flower then remove the freezer paper template, then finish stitching the rest of the flower down. Or stitch the complete flower and trim a little of the background fabric away to release the freezer paper template.

Tutorial Invisible Machine Applique | Sharon Keightley Quilts

Then the fourth layer is the yellow fabric circle, place and stitch in the same manner to complete the flower. 

 Tutorial Invisible Machine Applique | Sharon Keightley Quilts

I am making great progress on the borders of my Feathered Star Quilt, and hope to have them completed soon. You can read about the Feathered Star quilt and the applique borders here.

I hope you have enjoyed my little Tutorial

Happy Stitching


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