Piecing Tips | Sharon Keightley Quilts

Piecing Tips

Cutting Tips:

1.  Always include the line on the ruler

2.   Make sure your rotary cutter blade is sharp. Blunt blades not only make cutting hard work they also create inaccuracy as the more pressure you place on your rotary cutter means more chance of your ruler moving as you cut.

Piecing Tips:

1.   I use a thread catcher to begin and end with, although I know some machines have thread cutters I like the thread catcher to anchor the threads and avoid the thread knotting at the back of the seam. 

2.   I always start sewing with my needle down. 

3.   I like to make sure that the edges of my seams are together. Without one edge being more visible than the other.

4.   I like to use a fine thread and a small needle to avoid taking up too much room in the seam allowance.

5.   I like to do a single backstitch in the beginning and end of each seam, the secure the stitching. Especially when pressing the seams open. If your thread is not fine enough, this may cause extra bulkiness.

6.   Check your 1/4 inch seam before you start.

Pressing Tips:

1.   I like to use a dry iron to start with, then when the seam is in place while my iron is sitting flat on the seam I use the steam button and give it a shot. Then I use a spritzer filled with water and give a light spray, then iron with a dry iron in place again until it is dry. Leave it to cool before moving it again. If you have a wool mat, steam is not necessary, but I still like to use the water spritzer, this gives you beautiful flat seams. Flat seams help with accuracy when sewing to other units and when quilting your quilt.