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Preparing Applique Leaves

While sitting working on turning all the Applique Leaves for Block Two of the Rambling Ways Quilt

I wanted to let you in on how to get those points looking great.

I am using the wash-away stabilizer glue stick method  I usually save this part for sitting in front of the telly at night quietly turning all the edges.

The picture below shows the wash-away stabilizer ironed onto the wrong side of the fabric. It is also a good tip to place it on the bias as this will help the edges turn easier. Then trim the seam allowance, usually 1/8 inch approx.

Run the glue stick along the bottom edge of the washaway stabilizer, you will get used to how much glue to use but take it from me it's best to use it sparingly. I use an awl to roll the edge over with my left hand and follow along with my right hand thumb to get a nice smooth edge.

Run the glue along the top edge of the washaway stabilizer, and turn the edge over as with the bottom of the leaf. The ends will stick out but not to worry about them yet.

Place a little glue on each tip and turn it to the back with the awl to get great points on the tips of your leaves.

Happy Stitching