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I am a passionate Quilt pattern designer living here in New Zealand. I live on a farm in a peaceful country setting overlooking the beautiful Kaipara Harbour.    As a child growing up my mother was a huge influence, where we would spend days sewing together, she enjoyed passing down many of her skills. I simply love to design and make quilts, for me it has been an absolute joy to share my patterns and a fondness of vintage and reproduction fabrics. Experimenting with this range of unique fabric styles allows me to add my own historical vision into my design work. Many of my quilts include a mixture of piecing and applique, showing through out my quilts. Over the years I have tried many different techniques for applique, learning from what has worked for me. This has allowed me to use a selection of techniques that help me create the look I love.
I hope you enjoy reading my blog posts and I will try to fill them with as many tips and information as I can, I hope you will work along with me while I create.  I look forward to your comments.

Sharon Keightley Designs patterns are available as PDF downloads