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January 09, 2019 1 Comment

Feathered Star Quilt | Sharon Keightley Quilts

I am busy making a plan this morning of all the quilts I have in progress. I have always tried to stay focused on a quilt from start to finish, although there are times when the next step in the design needs some thought. This is when it is a good time to work on other projects for a while until I figure out how I need to proceed with the design. That is why I like to have more than one quilt in progress at a time. 

This morning I find myself with too many quilts in progress at one time! They are all at a stage that they can be worked on and I love them all ! 

The first one is the BOM 2018 which I have almost finished the quilting, I only have the very last border to finish. If you missed this last year, you can find the full pattern for this quilt here. I have named this one Cherry Garden.

Cherry Garden | Sharon Keightley Quilts

Cherry Garden Quilt | Sharon Keightley Quilts

Then there is the Roses quilt, the last applique border has been designed and the first part is being stitched. I am also busy writing the pattern for this quilt, another part of my plan. You can read more about the Roses quilt here.

Roses Quilt Border | Sharon Keightley Quilts

Roses Border | Sharon Keightley Quilts


The next quilt is Euphemia, which I have temporarily put on hold last year and now I am dying to start on it again but I have miss placed it. ! How does that happen ? You can read about the Euphemia quilt here.

Last but not least is the quilt I just had to start from my scrap bin. I made the first two blocks over the Xmas break and I am hooked. It really has my attention. Oh I also decided while making this quilt that I would work on a little leader and ender nine patch quilt made form my scraps. ( The little nine patch blocks look so cute )

Feathered Star Quilt | Sharon Keightley Quilts

Can you see my dilemma !........... Where to start ! Which project do I choose....

So today I will make a plan to work on a bit of each quilt until they are finished over the next month. Fingers Crossed.......

My word for 2019 is 'Focus' you can find this is the dictionary here

What's your word this year? I would love to know.


Happy Stitching


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January 25, 2019

I can’t wait to see the Roses quilt in it’s full finished glory! I love the Winterwood Quilt too. You are so gifted in your quilt designs, thank you for sharing that with the world.

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