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August 07, 2018 1 Comment

Roses Quilt | Sharon Keightley Quilts

Its 6 am in the morning and I am up early to get a little time on my Roses quilt before the household wakes. It's pouring with rain outside and I am warm and snug inside sitting at my sewing machine, with a nice cup of tea while the rain pounds on the roof. I love the sound of pouring rain on the roof although I am not looking forward to going outside later. I hope the rain stops by then. Benny the Bengal cat has just come in through the cat door soaking wet, greeting me with a wet rub. Wanting a dry towel and some food. I would love to sit and sew the day away but unfortunately today the vacuum cleaner is calling, along with many errands that need to be done.This morning I am sewing the border fabrics together for the top and bottom borders of the Roses quilt. I have selected and range of tone on tone prints some light and some with a little bit of colour to give a bit of interest. I love to mix up the fabrics, using a large selection. Something I find helpful when piecing the strips is to pin at least the end of the seam so the fabrics don't shift while you are sewing and end up with one end longer than the other. The thread I am using is a new thread to me, I purchased it to try with machine applique thinking it could be fine enough but unfortunately this did not work out. After a bit of research I found that it is good for piecing, very fine and good for getting your points accurate. Its YLI Prime piecing thread 70/2 weight. This thread is really looking good in my seams. I was a bit concerned about the strength of the thread, but as I am appliqueing on top I think its a good option. I also press my seams open when I have applique being added on top so as not to get ridges under my applique pieces. I am looking forward to see how it all plays out once I have some applique Roses added. Always thinking about the next step, this is what gets me out of bed so early lol.

Sewing Borders for Applique | Sharon Keightley Quilts

I have tried to get a good pic of the borders with all the different fabrics, you can see all the fabrics I have used.

See more posts on the Roses Quilt here and here

I am currently working on a video to show the stitching process, learning how to use video editing software and try to take a good video too ! I hope to have this ready to place on You- tube soon. 


Happy Quilting


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Rebecca Grace
Rebecca Grace

August 08, 2018

Your roses applique looks delicious! Thanks for sharing about the YLI Prime Piecing thread. I love YLI silk thread for hand applique and love their Elite serger thread, but didn’t know that they had a piecing thread as well. 70/2 must be even finer than the Aurifil 50/2 that I’ve been using for piecing. Thanks for the tip!

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