Wildflower Pattern giveaway winner

April 11, 2017

Wildflower Quilt PDF Pattern | Pine Valley Quilts

Wildflower Pattern giveaway winner !!

Yay! The winner of the Wildflower PDF pattern giveaway is Joy Meetis

Congratulations Joy......

I loved reading all the comments, it's fun to see what part of the quilting process you enjoy. Quilt making has something for everyone.

I have many favorite parts...but the part that gets me really going is the design process. I love to play with ideas, work with colour and fabrics, sometimes the quilts come out completely different to the image I have in my mind. They seem to take on a mind of their own lol. The process of making decisions along the way is the fun part, sometimes a quilt needs a little rest before I decide on the final outcome. I also find that the more I have learnt about the techniques I like to use the more confidence I have when it comes to making those design decisions. I love to incorporate applique in my quilts, but there are quilts where I have not needed to and I love them just as much. I also love the piecing process and love small pieces as much as I love larger pieces, learning to piece with an accurate 1/4 inch seam and quick techniques for pieced units has helped my enjoyment of the piecing process. Then there is the quilting......daunting tho it might seem, once I get into quilting a quilt I can not stop. Learning to quilt my own quilts has been one of the greatest pleasures of quilting. I use my domestic machine and all tho there are times when I am daunted by the thought of quilting a large quilt, I have learnt so much by perseverance, trial and error, and dogged determination. 

I hope you enjoyed sharing your stories !

Happy Stitching 


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