Quilt Symposium Christchurch 2017

November 01, 2017

Christchurch Symposium 2017

I had a wonderful time teaching applique at the Christchurch Symposium a few weeks ago. There were over 50 tutors from all over the world, a fabulous event. Symposium is held every two years and the next one will be in Auckland in 2019. 

I taught three different methods of invisible machine applique. The first class was using freezer paper templates without glue, starch or any need of wash-away stabilizers.  The second class was using wash-away stabilizer with a glue pen and then embellishing the applique pieces with decorative threads. This is the method I used to create the Vintage Heart Quilt. The third class was using spray starch with freezer paper templates. The students in each class were wonderful! Making fabulous progress. My only regret is not taking more photos. I was lucky enough to get a photo of my last class, such wonderful ladies.

Christchurch Symposium 2017

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