More Quilting on Wildflower Quilt

December 04, 2012

Hello Everyone I have been quilting the wildflower quilt today. Making progress. I am loving the way the threads blend into the background, making the applique stand out more. I am using the bottom line thread on the top and 50 weight Aurifil thread in the bobbin. Its a nice combination as the fine thread sink into the fabric making the quilting show. When I started quilting with the bottom line thread, it kept shredding and breaking, very frustrating. I then ordered some of the Superior Threads 70/10 Titanium needles. I also had my machine serviced and found I had a couple of burrs on the hook that had to  be sanded. Since having this done I don't have any more problems with this thread and I am really enjoying using it. I have been working on a spiral swirl design. Here are a few pictures [caption id="attachment_1203" align="aligncenter" width="300"] Superior Threads 70/10 needles and Aurifl 50 weight cotton thread[/caption]   Tomorrow I hope to do some embellishing on the applique, I will post pictures of this also.   Till then Happy Stitching Sharon

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