Corner Star Block

April 18, 2012

Hello Everyone The sun is shinning today and it is gorgeous. It seems a crime to stay indoors, but I have been deliberating over the fabric selection for this corner star block. I have chosen some lovely blues out of my stash and I am determined to make them work in this block. Take a look at fabrics selected so far.

I am not sure now I see it in a photograph that I am convinced with this selection. It is strange how fabrics can look good in person but when looking at them through the camera things change.

The photo on the left does not do the lovely pale blue print justice, it does have a grey tone to it but it is definitely pale blue in reality, the fabric on the right is a lovely border print and if you have been reading my previous posts you will know how much I love using these in my quilts.

I have got a few photos to show you regarding my fabric selections, I will start with the first idea.

Oh no I don't like the way the berry fabric pops out too much. Can you see how I have used the border fabric, this I do like

I also like the little print fabric. I am happy with the outside of the block.

I thought the little print might look good but this is worse, the stars have disappeared and it looks like it have four square holes in my block.

Looking better, but a bit bland and dark.

I thought I would try to find a colour to match the berries, a bit of contrast maybe. the problem is all I see is the square in the centre of the block.

OK so I tried the gold to match the yellow flowers on the dark blue fabric. I think this fabric may work in another block with this blue. Definitely not in this block.

Black maybe? Better but no no no

Yay !  I like this one. This lovely block has really made me think about my fabric choices. I would love to see what you all come up with.

Please send me your photos so I can share them on my blog. It is always so amazing to see how different the blocks look.

Block Construction

I have used a method that was taught to me as connectors, although I know that there are many names for this method.

Instead of cutting triangles and having bias edges I cut squares and sewed on the diagonal line. This method uses a little more fabric, but I feel it is more accurate.

Cut your squares and iron a crease through the centre, corner to corner on the diagonal, or you can use a pencil and mark a line.

Place your square on top of your oblong shape and stitch on the creased line, a tip is that you sew just to the bottom side of the crease. This allows for the stitching thread in the seam allowance when you flip your piece over.

Place the 1/4 inch line of your ruler along the line of stitching and cut the excess fabric away. It is ok to leave this fabric there, it is a personal preference. I find I like to cut it away as it only adds excess bulk in your quilt. If you are considering hand quilting your quilt you will find this excess fabric difficult.

Flip your piece over a iron in place. I find that I do this step before I cut the excess away, just to make sure I have my corners matching and perfectly in place.

I have also used connectors method for the berry squares

Repeat the method above and place a square on all four corners of this berry square. Making sure you sew squares to opposite sides first.

Sew you block together in sections

Now that I am finished my block I am off to enjoy the sunshine and my garden.

Oh here is what Rosie was up to while I was busy sewing.

she has had me up since 5.30am so I think we both deserve some R &R.

Until next time

Happy Stitching


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