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Applique Techniques

There are many Applique Techniques, each applique technique will give a different look. I use a variety of Applique Techniques to achieve the look I need. I would like to share a few of the Applique Techniques I use to create my quilts , click on the Applique Technique below.

Spray Starch Applique Technique

Applique Techniques / Pine Valley Quilts        

Wash Away Stabilizer / Glue Stick

Applique Techniques / Pine Valley Quilts          

Making Applique Flowers

Preparation Technique for making flower units before stitching in place on the background fabric. Click on link below to download a PDF with full instructions on construction technique for making flowers. Making Applique Flowers / Pine Valley Quilts [video width="640" height="640" m4v=""][/video]