Magic Genies and Phaff Expression 4.0

March 27, 2014

Hello Everyone

Have ever had trouble with your tension and blamed it on your sewing machine ? Stand in the queue because that is exactly what has been happening to me. LOL

That is until I read in a magazine that these little babies ( Magic Bobbin Genies ) would do the trick, I am so happy. No more tension woe's. I had given up on using certain threads, because I was having trouble with shredding and breaking and just general unpleasantness. ( not sure if that is really a word)

Magic Bobbin Genies_edited-1

They really do work well, they sit in the bobbin case under the bobbin and stop the friction. When winding a bobbin with fine thread it is not always easy to get it wound evenly, I always put my machine on half speed to wind any bobbin to try and make it more evenly wound. So happy it makes quilting so much more enjoyable when everything is working as it should.

My Phaff Quilt EXpression had a setting for quilting called sensormatic, which has been a little hard to get used to. The foot is a special little foot and I have a newer one that has the front cut out for better visibility.

sensormatic foot

I have discovered a few things about this setting and found it great for quilting when a quilt has lots of seams and ridges to maneuver over.  This setting needs you to use at least a size 80 topstitch needle, no matter how fine your thread is. This is what it looks like on the screen.

Phaff settings

You will also see a setting for pivot height, this is important. You can change this height, it lets you change the height that the presser foot lifts, allowing you to quilt easily over bumpy seams etc. I have mine set on -3 it can go from 9 to as low as -5. This is a good thing to play with and find the place that is comfortable for you.

Well back to the fun of quilting my quilt.

Quilting Pic


Happy Stitching


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